<![CDATA[Sadia Asif - Life Is Not A Fairy Tale]]>Sat, 12 Mar 2016 13:08:47 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Be You]]>Sun, 14 Feb 2016 07:57:09 GMThttp://sadiaasif.weebly.com/life-is-not-a-fairy-tale/be-youLord loves you the way you are, the way he created you. Lord has made everything perfect so how can you think he didn't made you perfect. I know you will be thinking "I didn't said or even think that lord didn't made me perfect". We do my things not by saying but by our actions. The way we try to use many items to change our skin colour, looks etc. Like some people go through surgeries. Why do they do this? They only do this so they can look good by their face. The way Lord has made you is perfect.
                   "Be Yourself,  Because An Original Is Worth More Than A Copy".

If you are good inside than you are also good outside. You don't need to hurt yourself or get in trouble by using make up products every time even when you are not willing to use many or any. We should be the way we are even if we are with someone. You don't have to change your appearance to attract anyone towards you or for the one you fall in love with. You have to be you the real you. I have seen any people who forcely changes themselves even if they are not willing and they are mostly sad inside just to make others happy. I have seen those people as well who doesn't change themselves for others and they are happy even the person they are with are happy too.
                                                 "Don't Be Someone Else To
                                                 Make Others Happy, Just
                                                 Be Yourself And The
                                                 Right Person Will Love
                                                 You For Who You Are."

If from today you started to be you the real you for anyone half of the tensions of your life will be reduced. Life is not that hard the way we have made it for us to make others happy. The person who is not happy with you (the real you) then he don't deserve you. By being real you will live your life happily.
<![CDATA[Happy New Year.]]>Wed, 06 Jan 2016 05:09:26 GMThttp://sadiaasif.weebly.com/life-is-not-a-fairy-tale/happy-new-year
Happy New Year everyone. Hope you all have a great start of this year,everyone had spend great time with family and friends. I just want to give a little message to you all.
Try to forget the terrible things that happened to you in past,but don't forget the lessons you learned in past from your mistakes. Do not to make those mistakes again the one you have already made. Forgive everyone because lord love those who forgives each other. Stay away from negative thoughts BE POSITIVE.
Spend this year in reaching your goals. Stay happy. Hope this year will bring lot of happiness to everyone of you. If any problem comes to you solve it, there are always ups and downs in life face them bravely,boldly and I know you will make your way through those problems, it Never Give Up. In whatever situation you are don't forget Lord whether you are happy or sad.
Once again Happy New Year everyone.
Lot of wishes from me to you and your family.
Sadia Asif.
<![CDATA[FAMILY TIME]]>Thu, 17 Dec 2015 10:10:38 GMThttp://sadiaasif.weebly.com/life-is-not-a-fairy-tale/family-timeLord has given us many blessings, He gave us the things which we wanted and which will keep us happy. But our mood keep on changing sometimes we are sad,sometimes happy and sometimes we have such feelings we can't even describe them. We get bored as well so, to entertain ourselves we like to do funny things. People are entertain by setting the time for different things like Tea time,Play time,Study time etc.
The most important people in our life for them most of us don't have time now a days in this busy life but we should give them sometime as well. The greatest blessing of lord to us is our family, we should give them time. They are the real support in our life. Family is everything,  they won't leave you when you are happy when you are sad or whatever problem of the world you are facing. If you haven't noticed that till today try to notice it. When you are facing problems you best mate may leave you but your family won't leave you they will try every possible effort they can do to help you. The love in family is endless for each member, just recognize it before it's too late.
Try to avoid social media a little and give that time to your family whether they are your Grandparents or whether they are your year old Siblings, they need your love and they love you alot as well. Give the time and love they deserve before it's to late. You are more happy at heart when you are with your family,If family members are not left the memory of time you spent with them will be with you and you will laugh and say "what a lovely family lord gave me and what a time I have spend with them"
<![CDATA[Fri, Nov 20, 2015]]>Fri, 20 Nov 2015 15:45:21 GMThttp://sadiaasif.weebly.com/life-is-not-a-fairy-tale/fri-nov-20-2015People are facing and have faced difficulties in their lives. If you want to become someone,want to achieve something or if you want to live a happy life for all these you have to face problems.
Life is not a fairly tale nor a Peter Pan story. In real life there is no use of magic wand. We should teach every kid that life is not easy it's a bit difficult it is not like these cartoons etc.
If once you have done the hardworking in the early stage of your life,then you will face less problems.
If anyone thinks after being famous, people live happy life so, it's not true. Those  famous people also face problems.
If you will not forget lord your life for sure will get a lot easy.